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Faculty Tip Sheet

Canvas Faculty Tip Sheet

FSW Canvas Modality Templates

The purpose of these templates is to help instructors easily setup their different modality FSW courses.

How To: Allow Video Submissions for Canvas Assignments

A guide covering the process to create an assignment in Canvas that will have students submit a video presentation.

How To: Protect Participant Privacy when Recording with Zoom

This article addresses FERPA concerns when recording a Zoom session. Learn how to protect the privacy rights of students and other participants.

How To: Setup Simple Syllabus in Canvas

This article outlines the specific requirements for using Simple Syllabus within Canvas at FSW. It details the sections that must be made public and identifies those that can be customized according to individual preferences. The article also highlights optional areas and required texts, providing a straightforward guide.

How To: Share Earned Badges

FSW students and faculty that earn a badge through a Canvas course or by completing the requirements to earn the Fundamentals of Written Communication badge, will receive an email notifying them that a badge has been awarded. Badge recipients will then be directed to the Badgr website to create an account, view, and share their badges.