Proctorio Student Guide

Proctorio Student Guide.


Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Installing Google Chrome
  3. Installing the Proctorio Extension
  4. Switching Internal Webcams to External Webcams
  5. Help and Support


Getting Started

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Hello there!

You're lucky enough to use Proctorio in your courses to take your online exams! There is no need to schedule them in advance, and you can take them at any location that satisfies the expectations of your professor.

You will be required to have:

  • A webcam and a microphone. Some professors may ask you to use an external webcam that you can move around to show your desk, table, and the space you are working in.
  • Google Chrome browser.
  • Stable high-speed internet connection.
  • Quiet and bright location to take the proctored exam.
  • A valid photo ID. You can use a government-issued driver's license, passport, or school ID.

Proctorio is not a creepy person staring at you through a webcam. Instead, it's a system of computers that keep an eye on you while you take the test. Yes, you are being recorded, so don't do anything you wouldn't do in a classroom while taking a test!

Rest assured that only your professor and qualified admin and technical support have access to recordings.


Last, of all, relax! Proctorio isn't designed to add stress. Our excellent support staff is here 24/7 to help you.


Good luck on your exams!!

Team Proctorio


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Installing Google Chrome

When you're ready to take a proctored exam, you will need to use Google Chrome.

Chrome is fast, secure, and works on any computer - best of all; it is free!


To install Chrome on your computer, please go here:

Once Chrome has downloaded, you'll need to use it to access your exams.

Do not use Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.



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Installing the Proctorio Extension

Proctorio also requires you to install a Chrome extension.

You will only need to do this once unless you use a different computer.

It takes less than 30 seconds; please go here.



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Switching Internal Webcams to External Webcams

If you do not see yourself during the system diagnosis test and you are using an external webcam, please click the link that states, "Still don't see your self above? Click here" to swap the active camera.

Image showing the link to Swap web camera "Still don't see yourself above? Click here"



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Help and Support

Kicked Out While Taking Exam

  • Navigate back to the exam page in Canvas
  • Click the Proctorio Shield Extension
  • Click "Live Chat" and request re-entry

NOTE: Please make sure you request re-entry right away since your exam time will not stop counting. 

Proctorio loves to make it easy to get instant help and support. The fastest and easiest way to contact support is by using "the shield" icon.


The shield is only present on quiz pages after you install the extension.

If you are still having trouble getting Chrome or the extension installed, please send us an email:

Proctorio also has phone support available; please use: 480-428-4089 or 1-866-948-9248

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