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Table Of Contents

  1. Proctorio
  2. Add Courses to Your Dashboard
  3. Locate Your Submissions From Previous Semesters
  4. Technology Support Center
  5. Student Resource Menu
  6. How to Get Help
  7. Enabling Third-Party Cookies on Web Browsers



New in Fall 2018! Proctorio and FSW image


All online proctored exams will need to be taken via Proctorio, an online remote proctoring system.


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Requirements for Online Students

  1. Computer with a webcam, microphone, and Google Chrome browser
  2. Stable high-speed internet connection
  3. Quiet and bright location to take the proctored exam


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Proctorio Info

IMPORTANT NOTE: FSW Testing Centers will not proctor exams for online courses effective Fall 2018.
Disregard all ProctorU references, as Proctorio will be the only way to take online proctored exams.

Image of Proctorio, yes. Proctor U, no.


Visit this page if you need help installing Google Chrome and the Protorio extension:  Proctorio Student Guide.


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Kicked Out While Taking Exam

  • Navigate back to the exam page in Canvas
  • Click the Proctorio Shield Extension
  • Click "Live Chat" and request re-entry.


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Add the course(s) to the Dashboard

1) Click on Courses in the Global Navigation Menu, then highlight and click on (2) All Courses in the menu that slides open.

Image showing Canvas global navigation bar highlighting Course then clicking All Courses in submenu


3) In the All Courses window, locate any course that you wish to see listed on your Dashboard and click the Star icon to add it to your Dashboard.

Image showing location of Icon to click to add or remove courses to the Canvas Dashboard


Once you have the filled-in star icon to the left of every course you want to appear on your Dashboard, click Dashboard to verify the changes.


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Locate Your Submissions From Previous Semesters

You can retrieve your previously submitted work through your Files within Canvas. 

1) Navigate to "Account" in the global navigation bar.

2) Click on "Files" in the menu that slides open.


Image showing Account and Files link locations


In the "My Files" folder, you will see several folders. Most items will be located in a folder titled the same as your previous course.

Other submissions may be under the "Submissions" or "Unfiled" folders.

FSW limits past course access due to various reasons. The day after the last day of classes, all Canvas courses are put into a "read," only mode.

You will not be able to submit any assignments and will only be able to view your previous submissions. The "read" only access will also be removed four weeks after the last day of classes.


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Technology Support Center

The Office of Information Technology has created an extensive knowledgebase full of articles that can provide you with assistance if you run into trouble with technology (you're reading one right now.)

You can find Canvas guides, How to connect to the FSW Guest WiFi, and numerous other guides to assist you with technology that you may need to utilize as a Florida SouthWestern State College student.

Be sure to bookmark the page for easy reference throughout the semester.

Student FAQs Articles


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Student Resources Menu 

FSW eLearning has made some changes to the Global navigation bar in Canvas. The Library Desk, along with the Help & Resources menus, has been restructured into separate menus.

Student Resources and Help. All the links and content that existed in the previous Library Desk menu has been relocated to the new Student Resources area.

This reorganization was needed to make navigating the numerous resources a more efficient and effective process for faculty and students.

We have included screenshots of the changes to the Global Navigation menu for your convenience.


Student Resources Menu on the Global Navigation Bar


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How To Get Help

If you are experiencing a technical issue with Canvas, you can contact Canvas engineers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You have three options for communicating with Canvas.

To locate your options 

  • (1) Click Help

In the menu that opens you will see your possible options for receiving technical support

  • (2) Live chat through your computer via instant messaging
  • (3) Call Canvas Support Hotline at the number displayed
  • (4) Submit a ticket and responses will be sent to your email address


Image showing the help menu and options for help



You will receive updates on the status of your ticket through your (Gmail) email account.

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Enabling Third-Party Cookies on Web Browsers

To configure your browser to allow third-party cookies, please follow the instructions for your chosen browser. 

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



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