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What do we mean by the workspace?

The area in front of you between yourself and your computer.


  • Your hands, tabletop, and your sitting area.
  • External materials that your professor will be allowing you to use on the exam.
  • Include items such as paper, writing tools, whiteboards, calculators, or notes if they are allowed.

Do This:

  • Provide 3 to 4 feet between you and your computer's webcam to enable a larger view space
  • Put your workspace and computer on the same flat surface.
  • Try out different setups ahead of time to ensure you are comfortable with your seating and the placement of your workspace.
  • Before starting your exam check your webcam feed to keep track of how well your workspace is displayed
  • All work done in the workspace should be fully visible in your webcam's feed during the test. (Examples: Crunching numbers on the calculator, writing out formulas, or looking over notes if allowed during the exam.)
Don't place any item to the side or out of the view of the webcam and your instructor at any time!

Room scans:

  • Must clearly show your workspace, desk or tabletop, and general surrounding area.
  • Your professor needs a good picture of this entire area and all items within your reach.
  • Stand up and put some distance between you and the workspace.
  • Hold the camera still on your workspace for at least 10 seconds then continue your room scan of the entire area.
  • Always move your camera slowly around your room. Blurry room scans are not acceptable!
If you cannot meet these requirements at home, please visit FSW Online Proctoring Information to identify on-campus resources available to you!


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How can you show your workspace?

Laptop computers will often have built-in webcams that are not movable, and sometimes auxiliary webcams may be difficult to adjust as well. This situation can be problematic when you need to make adjustments to show both your face and your workspace. The solution to this is to put some distance between yourself and the webcam. 

Image showing the workspace

As seen in the above picture, an ideal distance would be 3 to 4 feet between you and your computer's webcam. This distance will help ensure that your webcam has a broader view of yourself and your workspace, allowing both to be easily visible during your exam session. 

We recommend that your workspace and your computer be on the same flat surface for the best results. The distance between yourself and the computer will also ensure that you have enough space to keep your exam materials in front of you at all times. Do not place any of the items to the side or out of the view of the webcam at any time, as your professor will want to be able to see where they are throughout the test. 

Image showing the proper distance between the student and the computer

You should still be able to read your exam at this distance while working out the math or reviewing any notes you may have. Remember that your screen's settings and angle may make all the difference here. When you are done working and are ready to input your response, you can lean forward to answer the question as needed and proceed to the next one. 

Make sure to try out different setups ahead of time to ensure you are comfortable with your seating and the placement of your workspace. Abiding by your exam requirements does not mean you have to be uncomfortable!

Image of a student taking a test

Even with a rigid webcam, your professor will still be able to see everything they need to know if you follow the above suggestions. Remember that before starting your exam, and throughout, you will be able to see your webcam feed so that you can keep track of how well your workspace is being displayed. More than likely, you may also have a Proctorio Practice Quiz in your course, and we encourage you to use it as an opportunity to test and fine-tune your setup. 


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Why is this important?

Proctored exams are proctored for a reason - your professor wishes to test your understanding and learning in the course. The requirements and expectations they set for your proctored exams help them to assess your exam performance better and ensure that you are using permitted materials. It is your responsibility to demonstrate to your professor that you are following the requirements and standards of your proctored exam. 


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Help and Support

Remember, if you ever need assistance taking your Proctorio proctored exam, help is only a click away. You can live chat with a Proctorio representative or seek support information by clicking on the Proctorio extension icon in your browser. 

You can also reach Proctorio support via email at

Proctorio also has live chat available on their website; please use:

Support - Proctorio


We hope this guide has helped you with fulfilling your Proctorio requirements for your proctored exam!


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