Student Semester Startup Checklist

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Students should review the following items at the start of every semester.


Table of Contents

  1. Canvas Orientation
  2. Update your computer/software
  3. High-speed Internet
  4. First Day
  5. App
  6. Help
  7. Canvas Help
  8. Have Fun!


Canvas Orientation

If this is your first time taking online courses at FSW it is important that you complete the Student Canvas Orientation.

This course provides an introduction to the Canvas learning management system which is utilized in all FSW Online courses.

Be sure to go through the entire orientation.


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Update your computer / software

At the start of every semester it’s recommended that you make sure you have fully updated your computer's operating system. FSW eLearning courses require that you use the newest version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for full compatibility with course material. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are NOT supported browsers.

To Update Chrome:

You can download the current version of Chrome.
Or you can find instructions on how to update your current version of Google Chrome.

To Update Mozilla Firefox:

You can download the current version of Firefox.      

Or you can find instructions on how to update your current version of Mozilla Firefox.


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High-speed Internet

A high-speed internet connection is mandatory for all online courses. We utilize services that require a high-speed internet connection to fully function.

We also suggest that you use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi when working in any of these services.

You can use your favorite search engine to locate a free internet speed test to check your connection.


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First Day

On the first day of classes, please login to all of your courses to download and view your course syllabus. This is your contract with the professor and should be adhered to fully.

You will also want to check and make sure you have all the correct textbooks and course material that is stated in the syllabus of that course.


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The mobile Canvas App for either iOS or Android devices is a great tool to keep you up to date with discussions, announcements and conversations while on the go.

When it comes to submitting assignments, taking quizzes or viewing custom made presentations we recommend that you use a desktop computer, either a PC or a Mac to have full compatibility.

Since Canvas uses small elements of Flash, not all Canvas features may be supported on mobile devices.

If something doesn't work on your mobile app you will need to use a desktop computer for that assignment / quiz / discussion.


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If you need technical assistance you can visit the G building on the Lee campus for walk-in technical support or visit the Technology Support Center to find their hours and phone number.

They can assist you with getting your computer ready for MyLabs or Pearson services, and other various items.


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Canvas Help

If you run into an issue with Canvas you can submit a ticket directly from the webpage that is causing you an issue. Click the Help & Resources button located on the left, then click on the option Submit a HELPDESK ticket.

In the form that is displayed please supply the name of the course and any important information about the issue so we can properly diagnose it.


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Have Fun!

Have a great semester and be sure to view the Welcome Back video announcement when you first log into Canvas.


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