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This article discusses the different Synchronous and Asynchronous options for faculty to communicate with their students.
This article outlines the specific requirements for using Simple Syllabus within Canvas at FSW. It details the sections that must be made public and identifies those that can be customized according to individual preferences. The article also highlights optional areas and required texts, providing a straightforward guide.
Walk through all the steps to make sure your Online Canvas course is ready for the semester.
In this article, we will be detailing how you can add text or image resources to your Canvas quizzes and exams for your students to use.
How to download the Microsoft Office 365 Program Suite.
This knowledge base article provides instructions for resetting your FSW password.
Classroom / Event Down Hotline 239-489-9202 Ext. 11202
Learn what types of services are available for you at the tech center.
Guidelines for setting up a Canvas course for a face-to-face course. This article outlines the minimum steps required to ensure students consistent access to basic course resources and records.