How To: Communicate with Students by Video

Video Conferencing with Students


FSW has a number of tools available to you for creating videos and/or interacting by remote video conferencing. Faculty should decide if the best method of video communication should be live and synchronous (everyone meets together in a virtual "classroom" space) or short informational videos (best practice recommends no more than 5 minutes) that can be viewed by students at any time (asynchronous communication).

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Live Synchronous Session Video OptionsAsynchronous Video Options



Live Synchronous Session Video Options

  1. Canvas Conferences (a.k.a. Big Blue Button) - a tool built into every Canvas course and is available now. You can find information on how to use Canvas Conferences in the different articles below.
  2. Zoom - a highly versatile virtual meeting software that can be used independently of Canvas. You can find information on how to use Zoom in the articles below.


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Asynchronous Video Options

  1. Record video or audio of yourself directly in Canvas using the "Add Media" option. Look for this option anywhere you can access the Rich Content Editor (RCE) or directly in the assignment feedback area or Inbox messaging feature. For more information on how to add media to the Rich Content Editor, read these helpful Canvas Community articles
  2. Kaltura - this video tool is already available in Canvas under the navigation menu as "My Media". Record videos with your tablet or mobile phone and upload them directly to Canvas. Kaltura generates automatic captions to an accuracy level of 80-90% (you can easily edit captions to ensure 100% accuracy). For more information on how to record videos using Kaltura, read this article: 

Also, please see the video below for more information on how to find and edit Kaltura Captions. This video also briefly describes how to enable "My Media" and "Media Gallery" in your Canvas course.


Table of Contents


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