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Pinned Article What Instructors Should Know When Starting to Use Canvas

A summary of useful tips for using Canvas as a tool in your class.

Accessibility Checklist for Course Content

Creating accessible content for in-person and online courses is important to ensure providing your resources to all of your students regardless of ability and provides content for different learning modalities. Follow the tips listed in the checklist to open the door to all of your students within your courses.

CNVS 100: Introduction to Canvas for Ground Instructors and Staff

A self-paced course to introduce new FSW Canvas users to the basics of Canvas.

Faculty Semester Startup Checklist

Walk through all the steps to make sure your Online Canvas course is ready for the semester.

How To: Add a Resource To a Canvas Quiz

In this article, we will be detailing how you can add text or image resources to your Canvas quizzes and exams for your students to use.

How To: Set Up Your Canvas Course to Meet Basic Usage Requirements

Guidelines for setting up a Canvas course for a face-to-face course. This article outlines the minimum steps required to ensure students consistent access to basic course resources and records.