FSW Canvas Modality Templates

The purpose of these templates is to help instructors easily setup their different modality FSW courses. If you would prefer live assistance over the phone or via Zoom, please submit a request to elearning@fsw.edu to schedule a meeting.

How To: Locate and Import a Specific Modality Canvas Template

  • Log in to Canvas
  • Navigate to your course

demonstrating to click on a course title from the canvas dashboard

  • Click on Import from Commons

demonstrating the location of the import from commons button from a canvas course home page

  • Locate the template for your modality (use the Search option to expedite locating the template)
  • Click on the title

displaying the three different modality variants available

  • Review the contents

showing the preview option in canvas commons

  • Click on Import/Download

showing location of import/download button in canvas commons item

In the slide-out menu that appears, use the Search for a course text box to locate the specific course you want to import into. 

  • Click the box to the left of the course(s) you wish to import the template into
  • Click the Import into Course Button at the Bottom

showing search option and selecting a course

You will see a green banner across the top, stating, "You have successfully started the import! It may take a little while to see changes in your course." 

confirmation demonstration

Navigate back to your course, then edit and adjust the course as needed. 

demo course placeholder information

Each of the templates has a "How to use this template" page under the Instructor Resources Module.

Showing where to locate instructions for each modality template after being imported


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If you need further assistance with this process. Please contact Canvas support 24/7 via the Help Menu within Canvas.

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