How To: Allow Video Submissions for Canvas Assignments

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In this article, we will cover creating an assignment in Canvas that will allow students to submit a video presentation.

Navigate to the assignment area located on the left of your course navigation menu to create an assignment.

Image of Assignment button located on the course navigation menu

Then, click on the + assignment button located on the top right corner of the page.

Image with Assignment button outlined

1) On the title area, add the title of your assignment.

2) In the rich text editor area, you will type any instructions or requirements for this assignment.

Image with the title area and the rich text editor area outlined

Next, to allow students to submit a video presentation, you will need to adjust the "Submission Type" options with the following setting:

Under the "Submission Type," select the "online" option from the drop-down menu.

Image with the online option under submission type outlined

Next, under the "Online" options, select the "Text Entry" box.

Image with the text entry box selected under the online entry options


After this, remember to fill in the settings and due dates for the assignment to your specifications.

Ensure you click the "Save and Publish" button at the end to make the assignment available to your students.


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