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How To: Caption Kaltura Videos

Videos uploaded to Canvas through "My Media" are automatically captioned with Kaltura, but they are not as accurate (about 70%) as human transcription. Kaltura allows easy editing of captions within

How To: Create a Video with Picture-in-Picture Using Kaltura Capture

Walk through the steps to record your presentation, your webcam and submit the video to Canvas using Kaltura Capture. ... kaltura ... first time you are utilizing Kaltura Capture.  Before starting this part of the assignment, you will want to have your PowerPoint presentation and speech finalized.  Please note: Kaltura does

How To: Add a Slide Deck to Presentation Video Using Kaltura

importing a YouTube video to Kaltura.  Click here to watch a video demonstration. Before starting this part of the assignment, you will need to have the video recorded of you delivering your speech and

How To: Use My Media to Save Storage

kaltura ... This guide will walk you through the process of how to use Kaltura's My Media tool to share your lectures and videos without needing to increase your course storage.   Table of Contents

How To: Set Webcam Permissions (Windows 10)

kaltura ... option within your Windows 10 system, you may need to install the drivers manually.   Back to the top Set Webcam Privacy Settings If your webcam does not seem to work for Zoom, Kaltura

How To: Communicate with Students by Video

Rich Content Editor as an instructor? Kaltura - this video tool is already available in Canvas under the navigation menu as "My Media". Record videos with your tablet or mobile phone and

How To: Create Engaging Videos

Table of Contents Outline and Script Creation      Google Slides      Microsoft Office PowerPoint Recording Tips Uploading Videos to Canvas Fixing Kaltura Captions Outline and Script Creation

Faculty Tip Sheet

Kaltura app is already installed and available for all Canvas courses. To enable it for each, do the following steps: Go to the Course Navigation Menu and click on the "Settings" link. Next

Sound Recording Best Practices

spent getting thoughts out and then editing text after. Microsoft Office PowerPoint can export Presentations to a video file which can be uploaded to Canvas, YouTube, Kaltura, and other video hosting

How To: Upload a Video to My Media in Canvas

Student App, you will need to use either your mobile devices web browser or a desktop computer (PC / MAC) to submit your video to Canvas. You can not submit your Kaltura video using the Canvas App; it

Student Technology - Remote Learning FAQ

for Students  Use the Zoom App Getting Started with Zoom on Windows and Mac Zoom FAQs Kaltura Kaltura – you can record video and audio for presentations. You can upload your videos

How To: Zoom Conference with Sign Language

your computer. If your recording requires captioning to fulfill a student or employee accommodation request, then machine-generated transcripts from Zoom or Kaltura are not sufficient and you will need

How To: Caption Videos

Locating Captioned Content Numerous online video providers have a mechanism to automatically generate captions (Kaltura, YouTube, and more...) and allow for content hosted on their site to be