Services (7)

Request Canvas Support Form

For those in need of Canvas assistance.

Canvas Credentials (formerly known as Badgr) Badge/Pathway Request

Badge System Design Worksheet - Use this form to request a Badgr Pathway or Badge for your department, program, or course. Please provide as much information as possible about your plans for using the Badgr digital credentialing system.

Request a Department Final Exam Import

Use this service form to request a departmental final exam for your course.

Request an Empty Canvas Shell

This is useful for storing Canvas content from other courses, testing new features, developing new content and more.

Request to Add Users to a Canvas Course

Faculty or Staff may request that a colleague be added to their Canvas Course. Faculty and Staff requests only. This request is to be made by the course owner only. This can be a temporary or permanent adjustment.

Request to Add Users to a Canvas Commons Group

Use this request to see a list of groups in Canvas Commons (e.g. proctoring resources, department or school).

Simple Syllabus Permissions Request

This form is intended to adjust editing permissions within the Simple Syllabus platform. For example, new department chairs, program directors, deans, associate deans, and others who would need to edit the department-level templates or course-level policy information.