Canvas Credentials (formerly known as Badgr) Badge/Pathway Request

What is Canvas Credentials (formerly known as Badgr)?

Canvas Credentials is a digital credentialing system that is used to award badges, create stackable learning pathways, and verify and track achievements through sharable learner records.

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is an electronic credential that represents an individual's skills, achievements, or knowledge in a specific area. Digital badges are associated with detailed information about the criteria for earning the badge (metadata), such as the issuing organization and the evidence of the accomplishment, making them a verifiable and shareable way to recognize and showcase competencies and learning outcomes.

How can digital badges be used at FSW?

At FSW, we have defined three main categories for the types of badges offered:

1. Transferable and Professional Skills These badges are embedded in courses and represent skills that are applicable across disciplines and industries, such as language, communication, and research.

2. Industry Recognized These badges are integrated into the curriculum and indicate the achievement of specific skills or certifications that are recognized and valued in particular industries or professions.

3. Continuing Education These badges are awarded for completing professional development courses and other training programs offered through FSW's Office of Corporate and Community Education.

In addition to these externally-facing badge categories, FSW offers internal badges for students, faculty, and staff to recognize personal and professional development.

Student experiences, such as attendance at or participation in events, workshops, or programs, are created through the Student Engagement Office using Presence. Student experiences are documented by the Presence Transcript and are not associated with digital badges. If you need access to Presence,please contact

What information do I need to provide when requesting a badge or pathway for my department, program, or course?

You will need to complete the required fields in the request form by clicking the "Request Service" button. 


Request Service

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FSW students and faculty that earn a badge through a Canvas course or by completing the requirements to earn the Fundamentals of Written Communication badge, will receive an email notifying them that a badge has been awarded. Badge recipients will then be directed to the Badgr website to create an account, view, and share their badges.


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