How To: Configure Authenticator Extension (Chrome, Edge, Firefox)

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You can install an Extension in Edge, Chrome, or Firefox and use it as an authenticator. Click the image below to view the steps for setting up the Authenticator extension in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Multi-Factor Authentication required to get into my college PC or laptop? 
    • No, it is only required to access an application that uses the College's Single Sign On (SSO), such as Canvas, MyFSW, or Banner.
  • Do I need to use it every time I log in?
    • Yes, you will. It's part of the extra security layer that helps protect our entire FSW community. 
  • How do I request a USB Dongle?
  • Can I use a USB Dongle and App Authenticator?
    • Yes, enhancements have been developed to allow the use of both.
  • Do I need a Device Name?
    • It is not required, but it's a good habit to name the device with a brief identifiable name you can identify easily in the future.
  • What Multi-Factor Authentication method is best for me?
    • That’s a great question and one of personal preference. We are providing multiple options so you can choose the one(s) that is most convenient for you. Your options are:
      • Mobile phone app
        • Flexible
        • Requires your phone/device to be with you at all times to access college applications
        • Requires you to use your device
      • Google Chrome extension
        • Convenient
        • It has to be installed on the machine you are using to access the applications.  If it is a different machine, it might not have the authenticator extension app installed.
        • It can be used in conjunction with the mobile phone app
      • USB Dongle
        • Requires no use of personal devices
        • You can use the other authentication methods as well now alongside this option.
        • It cannot be used through a remote desktop session (RDS).  
  • Will I be able to manage my own devices, or am I required to work through the Information Technology helpdesk?
    • You can currently manage your MFA account through MyFSW. There you can add, remove, and review the devices associated with your MFA account.
  • I get an error message when trying to set up an authenticator
    • We are here to assist and answer any questions you may have. There are many ways to contact IT, and you can use our live chat and submit a helpdesk ticket at, email or call us at 239-489-9202


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