Proctorio Tips and Troubleshooting

Are you ready to be a Proctorio rockstar? Review these essential tips when preparing to take a proctored exam through Proctorio.

  • Always use the Chrome web browser on a desktop or laptop computer. Proctorio does not work on a tablet or mobile phone.
  • Make sure you have installed the Proctorio extension in Chrome:
  • Take your exam when it best fits your schedule 24/7. There are no appointments and no fees to take a Proctorio exam.
  • Make sure your computer has a working web cam and microphone.

If your computer does not meet the requirements and you need access to a Proctorio-ready computer to take your exam visit the FSW Online Testing website to locate an on-campus resource:

  • Make sure you test in a quiet, well-lit location with a reliable internet connection.
  • Have your Bucs ID card or driver's license available for identification purposes.
  • Log into your course and click on the exam. Read the test directions carefully and follow your instructor's instructions regarding what is allowed and not allowed during the exam.

Failure to follow the exam or quiz instructions gives your instructor the right to provide you with a zero. REMEMBER… it's YOUR job to adhere to the exam guidelines set by your instructor!

  • If you have issues during the exam, access live chat by clicking on the Proctorio extension icon (the gray shield in the top right corner of your Chrome browser). You can also reach Proctorio support via email at

We want you to be successful, so prepare ahead of time by making sure your computer is set up and ready to go before the exam date!


Having technical problems? Please review these common issues and perform the suggested troubleshooting steps.


Solution/Troubleshooting steps

Student cannot see the “Take a Quiz” button or is being asked for an access code

This issue arises when the student is not using Google Chrome, the Proctorio extension is not installed and/or the extension is disabled.

  1. Log out of all Google Accounts within the Chrome browser.
  2. Clear cache and cookies in the Google Chrome browser.  Close the browser and open it again after you have cleared the cache and cookies. Visit the link below for steps on how to Clear Cache and cookies. Clear Browser Data     
  3. Make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome. To update Google Chrome go to the Google Chrome browser and click the 3 dots on the top right corner, then click on "Help" and after that "About Google Chrome." The browser will start updating and at the end click on the "Relaunch" button which is the final step of the upgrade process. Close the browser and open it back up.
  4. Close all other tabs and keep open only the one with the Canvas Quiz.
  5. If that does not resolve the problem, then uninstall the Proctorio chrome extension and reinstall it.
    • To uninstall the Proctorio extension, go to the Google Chrome browser and click the 3 dots on the top right corner. Then click the "More tools" option and after that click on the "Extensions" option. Next, find the Proctorio extension and click the “Remove” button.
    • To install the Proctorio extension, go to and follow the steps.

Student receives a message that the computer does not have enough RAM or enough battery to continue





If the following steps do not resolve the available RAM issue students are advised to take their test using a computer in a on-campus Proctorio Room.

To troubleshoot this problem please close all running programs, plug in your device, and restart the computer. This should include programs that may be running in the background that launch on startup (PC Task Manager can help identify running programs). Also, make sure only Google Chrome is running prior to attempting the test.

The students can locate the Proctorio testing areas on each campus by visiting the links below.

Screen freezes during the exam



This issue is most often caused by a weak internet connection.

If your device has a slow “jitter” this can cause the screen to freeze. This is the amount of time it takes information to go from the computer to its destination. In this case, the information has to travel from the laptop, to the router, to Proctorio, and then to Canvas. 

Students that are using computers connected via Wi-Fi may improve connectivity by using a computer that is connected directly to their home router.

Please also try these steps:

  • Make sure all windows are closed on your computer before logging into Proctorio. Do not stream music or other content during your exam.
  • Click on the Proctorio shield and ask the representative to run a speed test BEFORE starting the exam. They can assist with determining if your connection will support the video.
  • Consider taking the test in a Proctorio room on campus.FSW Online Proctoring Information or Need to Zoom or Access Proctorio On Campus

Student is disconnected from Proctorio and loses access to the quiz/exam.

It is important to note that Canvas quizzes have time limits that keep running until the quiz is submitted or time runs out. Exiting the quiz does NOT pause the time. It is important to request re-entry while the time on that quiz is still running or re-entry to the quiz will not be possible.

  1. Navigate back to the exam page in Canvas
  2. Click the Proctorio Shield Extension
  3. Click "Live Chat" and request re-entry. If the instructor has enabled "allow re-entry with agent" then the student can be readmitted to the exam if time is still left.

Students cannot see themselves during the system diagnostics test

Adjusting webcam view is only available before the exam starts and not during the exam.

If you do not see yourself during the system diagnostic test and you are using an external webcam, please click the link that states, "Still don't see yourself above? Click here" to swap the active camera.

The ID verification process is taking a very long time (more than a few minutes)

A possible cause is a status issue with Canvas, Proctorio, or Proctorio Chat Service (Olark). Check the status of each before trying other troubleshooting steps.

Other possible causes of long ID verification wait times include:

  • Slow Internet upload speed (the images need to be sent to the Proctorio Live Agent from your computer.) If your upload speed is slow, it can take a few minutes for the Proctorio Agent to receive the images and verify it.
  • If you are using a VPN, it could be blocking the transmission of the files. Disable any VPNs before taking your Proctorio Enabled Quiz
  • You may have lost internet connection several times and reconnected, causing you to re-enter with the Proctorio agent.
  • Your web browser may need to be updated to the most recent version. Do not rely on auto-updates and check to make sure you are running the newest version of Chrome. Proctorio only works in Chrome.


Students get the “You don’t have access to this service” message when installing the Proctorio extension. 


The students might use their school's account to sign in to Google, but some restrictions might prevent them from installing apps and extensions in Chrome.

The following guide has step-by-step instructions to change the Chrome profile on the Chrome browser so it is not linked to their school’s account

 “You don’t have access to this service”


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