FSW Guest WiFi

FSW Guest is an open Wi-Fi network for those visiting our campus. No FSW account is required, and there is no password, so you can freely connect with any of your devices that have wireless connection capability.


To access the network, you'll first need to navigate to your available networks on your device. Depending on your device, these settings may be called Network & Internet Settings, Wi-Fi Networks, or something similar. You'll want to connect to the network called "FSW Guest" from the list. Below you can see a screenshot of what this may look like but bear in mind that this can look very different from one device to another. 

Image showing the FSW Guest network

After choosing this guest Wi-Fi, you will need to accept the College's acceptable use policy to be connected. On mobile devices, you may find that a browser window will open automatically to an FSW Guest Portal page prompting you to accept the policy, shown below. If this does not happen or you are using a different device, you may need to open your browser manually to reach this page.
Image showing the FSW Guest Portal Page
If the above page does not appear when opening your browser, try going to https://www.fsw.edu, as this may help bring up the prompt. 

We hope this article has helped with informing you of our FSW Guest Wi-Fi network! Should you still have any problems connecting after following the above process, you may wish to reach out to the IT Help Desk for further assistance. You can find more information by visiting the Technology Support Center, or you can get assistance over the phone by calling (239) 489-9202 and selecting option three at the menu.


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