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Request a Kahoot! Premium AccountSign into Kahoot!Creating Quizzes with Kahoot! How to Play Kahoot! Access the quizzes reportsHow to add a Kahoot! quiz link in Canvas Kahoot! Free Webinars and Guides



Request a Kahoot! Premium Account 

Florida SouthWestern State College has added Kahoot! to its growing list of tools for faculty to leverage. You will need to submit a Request Kahoot Premium Account to gain access to this tool.

Once approved, you will receive an email, and then you can begin to leverage the premium features.


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Sign in to Kahoot!

Once your account has been created, you will receive a confirmation email from Kahoot! 

Click on the "Join" button from the email.

Next, click on the "Log in" button in the top right corner.  

Log in button

When the "Log in" screen appears, click on the "Continue with Microsoft" button.

Kahoot Log in page.

When the Microsoft "Sign in" page appears:

1) Enter your email address.

2) Click on the blue "Next" button.

Microsoft sign in page.

When you are directed to the MyFSW login page:

1) Enter your MyFSW Username.

2) Enter your MyFSW password.

3) Select the "Sign In" button.

FSW Poral login page.


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Creating Quizzes with Kahoot! 

You can build your own Kahoot! quiz from scratchchoose a template or select one from the Discover tab

To build your own Kahoot! quiz click on the "Create" button located in the top right corner.

 Create button to start your won Kahoot quiz

Next, click on the create new Kahoot! button to start creating your own Kahoot quiz or choose a template to preload questions and slides.

Visit the following guides to learn more about creating different question types:

Creating different question types for a web platform

Creating different question types for mobile apps.

Select tile option from the window


Visit the Kahoot guides for web platforms or Kahoot guides for mobile apps for additional resources. 


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How to Play Kahoot! 

Please note that students do not need an account to play Kahoot.

Open a Kahoot that you have ready and you would like to host for your students

Next, click the "Play" button.

Play button from a quiz

Choose the "Teach" button.

Teach bottom to play kahoot

On the next window, be sure to scroll down the page to set the game options before selecting the game mode.

game options

Next, select the game mode, for this example, we will choose the "Classic" mode. 

select the classic button

After selecting the game mode your Kahoot! quiz will load and a game pin will be available so you can share it with your students. 

Students need to enter the pin on the Kahoot! website or on the Kahoot! app.

game pin to share with students

Once all the players have joined the game click on the "Start" button. 

Visit the starting a live game Kahoot guide for additional information. 

Kahoot window with the start button


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Access the quizzes reports 

Want to identify your learners and reinforce important knowledge? Then, visit the following links for information on how to access Kahoot reports. 


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How to add a Kahoot! quiz link in Canvas 

If you would like to assign a Kahoot that students can play at their own pace and share the quiz link with them on Canvas, navigate to the Kahoot! quiz and select the green "Play" button.

Kahoot quiz example and "Play" button.

In the window that appears, select the "Assign" button.

Kahoot window with "Assign" button.

Next, you can select a due date and edit the Kahoot! options. Click on the green "Create" button when finished.

Create an assigned kahoot window.

Under "Invite more players!", select the blue "Copy URL" button.

Copy URL button.

Next, navigate to your Canvas course, and create a new assignment (or click on the name of the assignment and click the "Edit" button in the assignment that you would like to add the Kahoot! link to).

In the Rich Content Editor of the assignment settings:

1) Select the drop-down next to the link icon.

2) Click on the "External Links" option.

External Links button.

When the "Insert Link" window appears:

1) Give the link a title under "Text".

2) Paste the link to the Kahoot! under "Link".

3) Select the green "Done" button.

"Insert Link" window.

Finish filling out the assignment details (such as the Points, Submission Type, and Due Date), and then click on the "Save" button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Please note that you will need to manually enter the Kahoot! Scores into Grades in Canvas, as this will not be done automatically.


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Kahoot! Free Webinars and Guides 

Register for Kahoot! Free webinars to learn more about Kahoot!.

Get Kahoot! Certified to enhance your learning. 

Visit the Kahoot guides for web platforms or Kahoot guides for mobile apps for additional resources.

Visit Kahoot! Help & Support center for additional guides

Submit a Kahoot! ticket if you run into technical issues. 


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