Request an Official QM Course Review

Introduction to the Official Quality Matters Review

The official Quality Matters (QM) Review is a faculty driven peer-review process that evaluates the design of an online course using the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric. The Official QM Peer Review is an additional and optional review process where three online faculty that have completed the Quality Matters Peer Reviewer Certification serve as the reviewers and at least one of those faculty members must be external to the college. In order to achieve Quality Matters Certification, a course must meet all 23 of the Essential Standards in the Rubric and receive a quantitative score of 85 out of 100 points.

Serving as a Course Representative

By submitting this Service Request, you are agreeing to serve as the Course Representative for the course you are submitting for review. During the Review Process, the Course Representative is responsible for filling out the Course Review Worksheet, detailing some of the major structural elements in your course, and is required to meet with the review team once before the review begins to answer any questions regarding the course. Additionally, the Course Representative may be contacted during the review process if questions surface regarding other elements of the course.

Course Certification Results

Once the course meets QM expectations, the course receives Quality Matters Certification. The course may not meet the required standards or quantitative score immediately, but there is an amendment phase where the Course Representative may utilize the reviewer feedback to meet any missing standards. In accordance with the CNA and to incentivize Quality Matters Certifications, FSW will pay a $500 stipend for a successful QM Certified Course, and the course will be recognized as a high-quality course in the Florida Shines catalog.

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