How To: Create a Turnitin assignment (Plagiarism Framework)

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FSW has integrated Turnitin within Canvas. This guide was created to walk you through editing your current assignments to use the Turnitin feature. The steps and settings are the same if you make a new assignment from scratch.

Navigate to the Assignments Area of Your Course

Look for the link titled Assignments on the course navigation list of links on the left.

Course navigation menu highlighting assignments option

Edit an existing Assignment to utilize the Turnitin feature

Locate and click the assignment you want to make a Turnitin assignment

Click Edit

Locate the "Submission Type" setting 

Scroll down until you find and locate the Submission Type area. 

The following settings will apply to both online and face-to-face courses.

  1. Set the type in the drop-down box to Online. 
  2. Click the box to the left of Text Entry so there is a checkmark.
  3. Click the box to the left of File Uploads so there is a checkmark.

Menu options with "file uploads" and "enable turnitin submissions" checked to activate.

  1. In the Plagiarism Review, click the drop-down box and set it to Turnitin
  2. Set the options you would like to compare your students' submissions against
  3. Click the settings you want to utilize for generating a Similarity Report
  4. Set when you would like to show students their originality report

Finalize the assignment 

  • Go through and fill in the assignment instructions
  • Set the Points, Assignment Group, and Due Dates
  • Click Save & Publish

Save & Publish button image

Visit the Canvas guide. How do I view plagiarism assignments in SpeedGrader? You can view and grade assignments with a plagiarism detector tool enabled in SpeedGrader.

For more information about Turnitin, visit the Canvas Plagiarism Framework Teacher.


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