How To: Locate 1098-T Tax Form

1. Log into MyFSW 

You will first want to access your MyFSW account. You can go to the MyFSW login screen, or you can access MyFSW login by clicking on "MyFSW" on the FSW home page.


MyFSW link on the FSW home page


2. Navigate to the Registration and Student Profile Card

Once logged in, navigate to the Registration and Student Profile card. 

Registration and student profile card

3.  Click on Student Profile

Click on the Student Profile link.

student profile link


4.     Click on Student Records Menu

Once you are on the Student Profile page, click the "Student Records Menu."

Image of student profile page with student records menu outlined


5.    Select Tax Year

Next, click the "Select Tax Year" link. 

Student records menu with select tax year outlined


6.     Enter the year and click Submit

Next, enter a "Tax Year" and click the "Submit" button at the end. 

Image  to enter the Tax Year and click submit


7.     Then select Tax Notification 

Under the student records menu, select the "Tax Notification" link. 

Student records menu with Tax Notification outlined

The 1098-T form will appear.


To view another tax year, click on the "Select Another Tax Year" link at the bottom of the page.
Repeat steps 6 and 7 to complete the process again.


Image with select another Tax Year outlined


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