Have you received my high school transcripts?

For Florida Public High School Students:

  • We automatically request electronic transcripts for all Florida public high school students. If you entered your Florida public high school correctly on your application, you do not need to send another transcript.
  • You will receive a text message once we process your transcript, if you provided a cell phone number.
  • In most cases, you will be accepted after your transcript is processed (except for bachelor's degree, dual enrollment, and international applicants). Refer to our FAQ on checking your admission status.
  • If you attended a Florida public high school and have not been admitted within 3 weeks of applying, we suggest live chatting with us during office hours for assistance.

For Non-Florida Public High School Students:

  • If you've sent your transcripts already, you'll receive a text once processed, if a cell phone number was provided. Information on sending your transcripts can be found at www.fsw.edu/admissions/transcripts.
  • In most cases, you'll be accepted after your transcript is processed (except bachelor's, dual enrollment, international). You can check if you have been admitted/accepted in our admission status FAQ 
  • It often takes 3-4 weeks to receive and process out-of-state transcripts.
  • If it's been 3-4 weeks with no update, live chat during office hours (www.fsw.edu/contact) for assistance.

After Admission:

  • Next steps can be found at www.fsw.edu/admissions/newbucs
  • Refer to www.fsw.edu/portal/pipeline for updates
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