How To: Adjust Due Dates for Assignments for Select Students

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Changing the due date/time settings for an individual

Students requiring extended time for assignments as indicated on their Letter of Accommodations from the Office of ADAptive Services will need the due date amended for each and every assignment and discussion in Canvas.

  1. Log-in to Canvas
  2. Select the section the referenced student attends
  3. Within that section navigate to the Assignments section:
    Canvas dashboard menu to selected course with the Assignments option highlighted for selection.
  4. Locate and select the first assignment, including discussions, which requires adjustment. Please note every assignment including discussions the student with accommodations will be taking will need adjustment.
  5. Within the assignment select the "Edit" button.
    Graphic showing the view within a published assignment.
  6. Scroll all the way down until you find the "Assign" section.
    graphic showing the assign section within the canvas assignment.
  7. Select the "+ Add" button below the initially assigned due date and time.
  8. A new "Assign to" box will appear below.
    graphic showing the added assign box below the original due date.
  9. After making the adjustments select the Save button.
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