Faculty Developer Application

Online Course Development

  1. The faculty, the department chair, and the dean/supervisor will work with FSW Online to select courses to be delivered in an online format. 
  2. Once a course has been selected for online development, redevelopment, or redesign, FSW Online will send out a notice to all faculty in the department notifying them of the need for a faculty developer. 
  3. Interested faculty will fill out an application for faculty developer and submit to the Academic Dean/Supervising Administrator for approval.
  4. The development of a Departmental course can be done by a single faculty member or a team consisting of no more than three (3) members. In a team of faculty developers, one will serve as the primary contact for the team
  5. The selection of the faculty developer will be based on training (completing DEV 101), experience, and interest.
  6. Any online Departmental Course for which the faculty developer is compensated by the college will belong to the college. The intellectual property rights and ownership of the course remain with the college. The course will be taught by multiple instructors and offered on a regular basis.
  7. A faculty member may develop a course without compensation. The course belongs to the faculty member and is not to be shared, although the faculty member has the right to share the course with colleagues if he or she desires.


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