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What is Adobe Sign?

Adobe Sign is the electronic signature software which speeds up the document signing process.  The Adobe Sign services allow users to eSign documents and forms, send them to others for signature, keep real-time track of document status, get notified when people sign—or send reminders when they don’t, and maintain an audit trail automatically.

Who needs to request a license?

Adobe Sign is only available to Faculty and Staff of FSW.  Only those the create (or originate) documents that need electronic signatures will need access.  Signers do not require a license in order to sign documents.

How do I get an account?

>> Do Not Sign up for a Personal Adobe Sign Account >>

A personal account has limited features and does not have FSW branding. It also requires additional steps to get your email address added back into the FSW account.

To request an Adobe Sign account please fill out the following form                                                                                    

How do I get help?

For any inquiries, support requests, or to report an issue related to this service, please contact the FSW IT Technology Center.  Support requests can also be submitted online at (MyFSW Portal username and password required).

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