Live Online Teaching Certification Enrollment Request

Introduction to the Live Online Certification Process

The Live Online Certification was designed to ensure that faculty have the necessary technical skills, online teaching tools and guidance needed to successfully deliver a course Live Online in a virtual classroom. To earn the certification you will be enrolled in a Canvas course called "Blooming with Zoom" and must successfully complete the activities in the course. Blooming with Zoom covers basic and advanced Zoom features while also considering best practices and college policies related to teaching a class in a synchronous online learning environment. 

Certification Learning Objectives

  • Develop resources for teaching a Live Online course at FSW.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create and host a secure Zoom class meeting.
  • Identify college policies regarding Zoom and student’s FERPA rights in virtual synchronous class environments.
  • Describe how Zoom tools can be used to engage students in active learning in an online synchronous class session.
  • Reflect on the creation and challenges of an online synchronous class session

NOTE: Earning the Live Online Certificate of Completion is required prior to teaching a Blended, Live Online or Live Flex course at FSW. Please recognize that completing the certification does not guarantee a teaching assignment.

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