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Introduction to the Certification Process

The Online Teaching Certification was designed to ensure that faculty have the necessary technical skills, online teaching tools and guidance that they need to successfully deliver an online course. We recognize that faculty entering the certification process bring both a variety of skill sets and, in some cases, a wealth of experience related to online teaching. As such, our certification process allows for customized training pathways to accommodate faculty who may already meet some or all of the learning outcomes required to achieve the Online Teaching Certification. To begin the process you will be enrolled in a course called "Growing with Canvas" that will direct you through your individualized path. The time to complete varies based on your experience and comfort with technology, but for most ranges around 10-15 hours over a 2-3 week period. Throughout the certification process you will complete independent activities at your own pace, as well as engage with faculty Learning Technologies coordinators in a live synchronous discussion.

Certification Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate competency using the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Demonstrate basic technical skills (e.g. scan documents, screenshot images, install browser extensions, record video and audio)
  • Locate and apply pertinent FSW online learning policies and procedures
  • Discuss varying approaches to online teaching and student engagement
  • Review the course design and extent of customization of an FSW online course
  • Discuss additional professional development opportunities related to online teaching and course development

All faculty that have completed the Online Teaching Certification will be added to the Online Certification List at

NOTE: Earning the Online Teaching Certificate of Completion is required prior to teaching a Blended, Online, or Live Online course at FSW. Please recognize that completing the certification does not guarantee an online teaching assignment.

Not sure if you are already certified? Check the Online Teaching Certification list
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