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Tue 3/1/22 - Sat 12/31/22
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Student Services
It is anticipated that the full project will require at least four levels of website development as detailed below:

Level 1: A prominent link or presence needs to be created somewhere on the FSW main homepage that makes it easy for students to find and get to Pathways information.

Level 2: A landing page/home page for Guided Pathways overview. This page will need to list out the 10 different Pathways for students to choose from.

Level 3: A landing page/home page for each of the 10 specific Pathways.

Level 4: A page to be created for each of the programs we offer under each Pathway (i.e. AS degrees, Bachelor's degrees, Certificates, General AA transfer connector programs, etc.).

The Pathways Core Team leadership has asked that Levels 1 through 3 be developed in time to be debuted and shown to faculty and staff at Fall Convocation of this year, which will be taking place on August 18th, 2021. This is viewed as Phase I of the project. It is anticipated that Level 4 page creation (and any sub-pages that may be required past that) will require the largest amount of work and as such should be viewed as Phase II of this requested project.
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Tue 5/31/22 11:46 AM

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Student Services
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Unknown and unlimited. Potentially all staff and faculty at FSW who utilize our website, and potentially all current and future prospective students.


The Guided Pathways Core Team, led by Dr. Gilfert and Provost DeLuca and charged with implementing the Guided Pathways initiative at FSW, is requesting the development of new web pages for the FSW site that will give students information about the ten Academic & Career Pathways that have been created and the programs contained within, presented in an attractive and functional manner. Keith Martin, assigned as Chair of the Guided Pathways Website Creation Committee, has been tasked with providing oversight to the development of these new pages and has been designated as the main point of contact on the project from the Student Affairs division.


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