How To: Access the Zoom Desktop App


1.Install Zoom Desktop Client 

Note: Follow steps 1-3 only if you are using a computer on the FSW network. Otherwise, please, visit Starting the Zoom desktop client to download the Zoom desktop client on your computer at home and skip to step 4

Click the Windows icon in the taskbar.  picture of a windows icon in the taskbar

Using the search option type in "Software Center."

picture of the software center displayed after using the search option


2. Click the Zoom application 

Next, click the Zoom application on the "Software Center" window.

Image showing the Zoom application on the “Software Center” window


3. Install the Zoom application 

Then, click on the "Install" button.

Image showing the install button outlined

4. Launch the Zoom Desktop Client application  

After the installation has been completed, the Zoom Desktop Client will appear on the Windows menu under "Recently Added" applications.

Image showing the Zoom Desktop Client on the Windows menu under “Recently Added” applications.


5. Join a Meeting or Sign In

Next, click on the "Zoom" application, and the following options will display:

Image showing the Zoom options to join a meeting or sign in.


  1. Click the "Join a meeting" button if you are joining a Zoom meeting.
  2. Click the "Sign In" button if you are hosting a Zoom meeting. You will need to have a Zoom account for this option.
Note: To request a Zoom account; please submit the Request Zoom Host Account form.

Go to Getting Started on Windows and Mac to get an overview of the basic features like:

Go to Zoom Help Center to learn more about AudioVideoScreen Sharing, and Recording.


For more information on how to use Zoom, watch the ZOOM Self-Paced Training course. 


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