How to: Navigate the FSW Mobile App.

Picture with the BUCS head from the FSW app

The new FSW Mobile App provides access to your MyFSW. Using the FSW app, you will be able to register for classes, view your final grades, access your BUC card transactions, and much more. The favorite feature from the FSW app is the Map function since you will be able to locate where you need to go quickly and easily. 

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Install the FSW AppSign In to MyFSWFind Class ScheduleMap Features


Install the FSW App

iOS users

  • Go to the App Store app, then go to search and type "FSW" in the search box.

  • Tap "Get" to Install the FSW app.

Android users

  • Go to the Play Store icon and type "FSW" in the search box.

  • Tap the magnifying glass in the bottom right.

  • Tap the FSW app icon and click install.


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Sign In to MyFSW

Go to the FSW mobile app and tap on the hamburger menu located in the top left corner.

Picture of the FSW mobile app with the 3 bread crumbs outlined

Scroll to the bottom of the app and tap on the "Sign In" link.

Picture of the FSW mobile app with the sign in link outlined

Sign In to MyFSW using your username and password.

FSW mobile app sign in screen


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Find Class Schedule

To find your class schedule go to the "My Schedule" link under the Home Menu. 

Note: You will have to "Sign in" first to see the "My Schedule" link.

FSW mobile app with my schedule link outlined

1) Tap on "Daily Schedule" to see your class schedule per day.

Daily schedule view

2) Tap on "Full Schedule" to see the schedule for all your courses.

Full schedule view


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Map Features

The Map is one of the great features of the FSW mobile app.

Go to the bottom of the Page and tap on the "Map" link.

FSW mobile app with the Map link outlined

The Map will open, and you will see an overview of the FSW campus that you are currently on. 

1) The blue circle will indicate your current location on the Map.

2) To change the campus location, tap on the "Campus" link. 

Picture of the Map feature with the location outlined

Once you tap on the "Campus" link, a new menu will open, and you will be able to select the campus of your preference. 

Picture of the map showing the option to select the campus locations

To search for a specific building, tap on the "Building" icon located on the top right corner of the FSW app. 

Building icon outlined on the FSW app

A list of all the buildings will appear in alphabetical order along with a search box.

Use the search box to find the building by name, for example, Walker Hall.

  Picture of the map search box and list of buildings

Once you find the building you are looking for, tap on the name of the building, and select the map icon.

 Picture with a building selected and with a the map icon outlined

The Map icon will take you to the Google Map app on your phone. Tap on the "Directions" button to start the directions on the Map.

Picture f google map with the location of the building selected and the start button outlined

To go back to the Home Page Menu, tap on the hamburger menu. 

Picture with the three bread crumbs outlined showing the way to go back to the homepage


Table of Contents


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