How To: Use ChromeVox in Google Chrome to Read Foreign Languages

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For students who either require accommodations from The Office of ADAptive Services or are auditory learners taking an Online-Only foreign language course, there exist free text to speech tools to assist. Google Chrome Browser extension ChromeVox, is a free screen reader already built into Google Chromebooks and can be downloaded as a Google Chrome browser extension for desktop and laptop computers. Within the settings, there are many high-quality voices available to read foreign-language content aloud. ChromeVox also works on Canvas exams with Proctorio enabled.

To download, install, and adjust settings steps follow:

  1. Open the Google Chrome Browser
  2. Navigate to the ChromeVox extension in the Chrome Web Store
  3. Select the Button labeled “Add to Chrome”
    1. ChromeVox will download, install, and initialize
  4. After the extension is installed select the ChromeVox Icon next to the address/search bar
    ChromeVox extension selected in Google Chrome with callout box stateing "ChromeVox Has access to this site".
  5. Within the menu select “Options”
    ChomreVox menu open after selection with Options highlighted.
  6. The ChromeVox Options page will open in a new browser tab, ensure the “Use the mouse to change focus” option is check marked. The other options can be left unchecked.
  7. Under “Voices” the default voice will require being changed:
    1. For FSW Spanish courses use the “Google español de Estados Unidos” drop-down option.
    2. For FSW French courses use the “Google français” drop-down option.
  8. ChromeVox will now audibly read aloud all text with the proper inflection and accent of the selected language.
ChromeVox Keyboard Shortcuts
ChromeVox Function ChromeVox Keyboard Shortcut (Windows)
Increase the rate of speech ChromeVox (Shift + Alt) + Close bracket ( ] )
Decrease the rate of speech ChromeVox (Shift + Alt) + Open bracket ( [ )


  • Those who wish to use the ChromeVox Browser Extension to read aloud web content should install, test the features, and customize settings prior to any exam.
  • Google Chrome browser extensions are not available on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • ChromeVox will read all text content with the accent of the selected voice.
  • Use the Google Chrome Extensions page located at chrome://extensions to enable and disable ChromeVox.
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