How To: GoVision HD Desktop Video Magnifier

GoVision Pro set-up at the Thomas Edison (Lee) Campus Richard H. Rush Library.

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Getting Started

The power button for the GoVision Pro electronic magnifier is located below the monitor on the front base of the unit. Press and hold the power button for up to three seconds to start the unit.

GoVision Pro 24 inch Monitor

The attached remote control has a headphone port available behind the red plus button Red button with large white plus symbol. for users to utilize the voice announced functions and text to speech features without disrupting others.

GoVision Pro Remote Control with 10 buttons marked with a number.

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Remote Control Functions

Label Number Button Function
1 Green Minus and Red Plus Decreases and Increases on-screen magnification.
2 Light Blue Capital "A" Adjusts the color contrast modes. Black text on white background, white text on black background, and more.
3 Half white with half black circle Adjusts contrast intensity.
4 Four arrow directional pad Moves on-screen options up, down, left, and right. The up and down buttons adjust volume, and the left and right buttons control speech speed.
5 OK Button Selects highlighted options.
6 Camera Screen capture function to freeze the on screen image.
7 Lime green square with white capital "T" Executes the Optical Character Recognition for the unit to read aloud the recognized text.
8 Black square with a white file folder Initiates the file browser to open documents stored on a USB drive. (Word, PDF, Text, JPG, PNG, BMP, MP4, SRT, and SMI)
9 Amber diamond with three point unordered list Initiates the user preferences menu to customize or alter current settings.
10 Large black minus surrounded by white oval within a black square Allows the user to set an on-screen marker or guide for reading preference.

Each singular remote control button may provide advanced functionality when used in conjunction with other function buttons. Please consult the user manual or quick start guide for more detailed information.

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Camera Functions

The High Definition camera attached to the monitor has built-in LED lighting to illuminate objects and documents to magnify, this LED lighting may be turned on and off manually by pressing and holding the "Jog Switch" at the front of the camera for more than 2 seconds. This is helpful for glossy documents and good lighting situations.

GoVision Jog Switch: Two panels, the first has the Jog Switch with the lighting on, the second after holding the Jog Switch the lighting is off.

The camera has three modes "Near View," "Distance View," and "Self View." Near view mode will be used the most frequently for use with reading documents. Distance mode can be enabled by adjusting the camera and pulling open the lens flap below the camera and LED lighting. Self view mode is enabled by orienting the camera to face the user and clasping the lens flap below the camera.

Table of Contents

Unit Functions

  • Magnification
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Various High Contrast color viewing modes
  • Different visual reading markers
  • Text to Speech and audible function announcement

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