Attendance Verification

Watch the above video or follow the written guide below.

1. Navigate to the Portal Login

To start, go to the Portal Login screen. You can do this by navigating to Alternatively, you can always access the Portal login by clicking on "Portal" on the FSW home page. 

Image with the Portal link outlined

2. Login to the Portal

  1. Type your Username.
  2. Type your portal Password.
  3. Click the "Sign In" button.

Login into the Portal


3. Go to the Faculty Academics Tab

Click into Faculty Academics


4. Click on the Attendance Verification icon

Click on the Attendance Verification icon


5. Attendance Verification Tab

Click on the Attendance Verification Tab

Click attendance Verification Tab


6. Load The Course

 Click the "Not Started" button for the course you are entering attendance.

Select the Not Started button for the course required

Note: This process will need to be repeated for each course you teach. Students will NOT receive financial aid if attendance verification is not completed.

7. Attendance Verification 

For each student, enter a "1" in the Hours Attended column if they have attended classes. Enter a "0" for students that have not attended classes.

Select a term then submit

Note: Make sure to Save before going to the next page.


  1. Click Save before navigating to other pages.
  2. Use the page navigation options on the bottom to control how many records per page are displayed and or go to the next/previous pages.

Save before going to the next page. 


Once the Hours Attended column has the appropriate value for each student, click the Save button.

Please Note: If a student participates AFTER you have submitted your attendance verification report, it is your responsibility to change their participation code from a "0" to a "1" and resubmit the form.  
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