SRTPURG (Electronic Prospect Purge)

SRTPURG (Electronic Prospect Purge) is used to purge records from SRIPREL

Please review the steps below for running this job. If you don’t feel comfortable running it on your own, let’s set up a Zoom and I’ll walk you through it.

Here’s how to run it:

  1. Login in to PPRD:
    *** ALWAYS run Banner jobs you are not familiar with (or testing) or as general practice in a Non-Production instance before running in Production. ***
  2. Go to SRTPURG (Electronic Prospect Purge)

    Printer = DATABASE


    01 Electronic Prospect Code  = RECI
    03 = Term Code = Term you want processed
    04 = Level Code = CR
    06 = Match Status = Suspense
    07 = Load Status = Not Processed
    10 = Run Mode = “A” for “Audit” to see what would happen if you ran it as “U” for “Update” --- > Always a good idea to run as “Audit” with processes you do not run on a regular basis or are unfamiliar with

  3. Write down the job submission number that appears in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Review job output (these screenshots are not specific to SRTPURG , but review output is the same for all jobs):

Go to > RELATED > Review Output.


Click on the ellipsis next to “Number”, highlight the process/job number ---  typically the .lis file has the output report; the .log file usually has the errors in it --- and click “OK”

To view output in web browser (easier to view and search in web browser than in Banner window), go to > TOOLS > Show Document (Save and Print File)

Select “Yes” when you see this prompt, so you can view in web browser


You can save output as a PDF or text file. 

To save as PDF:

To save (or print) output as PDF, right-click and select “Print..”

Set “Destination” as “Save as PDF”

To save as a text file:

Right-click anywhere on the screen and select "Save as..."

Then, save file as a .txt file. It's helpful to include the job name, database, and date on the file. 


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