How To: Approve a Leave Request (F/t Non-Exempt)

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Approving Leave request submission enhancements have been implemented. This guide will walk you through approving a leave request. Clicking the image above will bring you to a video tutorial.

Navigate to Pay, Benefits, and Time Off

To start, go to the Portal Log-in screen. You can do this by navigating to Alternatively, you can always access the Portal login by clicking "Portal" on the FSW home page. 

Image with the Portal link outlined

Sign in to the Portal

  1. Type your Username.
  2. Type your portal Password.
  3. Click the "Sign In" button.

Login into the Portal

After you have logged into your Portal, locate and click on the "Employee Services" tab.

Employee services tab image

Under the Employee Services tab and within the Employee Web Banner Services group, locate and click the "Pay, Benefits, Tax, and Time Off" button.

pay benefits tax and time off button location image

Approve Leave Request

When your Employee Dashboard loads, you will find the "Approve Leave Request" link right within your My Activities group.

Click on it to begin.

Approve leave request link location

The Approvals - Leave Request page will load.

  • You can use the filtering options across the top to help pinpoint specific Leave Requests

sample of the approvals - leave request page

When the calendar appears, Awaiting links appear within your calendar. Click on the Awaiting link to open the request.

You will be brought to a Time Entry Approvals page, so you can view more details about the request.

Leave Request Details Screen Demo
Requests that are awaiting your approval will appear within the Pending row. Click on the employee's name to bring up the next step.

Pending Requests demonstration

This will bring up the Preview window displaying the following information for you to review. 

  • Pay Period of the request
  • Total Hours Requested
  • Submitted date/time
  • Leave Request code used

demo of the preview window

If you notice the employee needs to make changes to their request, you will click on the Return for correction button. This will send it back to the employee, along with a note you provide giving them direction as to what to correct. 

return for correction demo

You can also get more information on the employee's current leave balances by clicking the Details button.


After you review and confirm everything you need to, you can click the Approve button to move it down the path. 

Approve button demo location

Support Information

Contact Payroll Services ( for questions, clarifications, or roadblocks.

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