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Logging in to Password Manager ProAdding Passwords to Manager ProInstalling the Password Manager Pro ExtensionAuto Logon with the Password Manager Pro Browser Extension


Logging in to Password Manager Pro

Navigate to the Password Manager Pro page to access the login page. 

If you see the following error message, do not worry, it is secure to proceed.

Click on the "Advanced" button. 

Connection not private window

In the next section, click on the Proceed to lee-pwdman-1 (unsafe) link. 

Connection window showing the Proceed to lee link

You will be directed to the Password Manager Pro login page.

(1) Enter your MyFSW username.  

(2) Enter your MyFSW password.

(3) Click on the "Login" button. 

Password Manager Pro login screen


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Adding Passwords to Manager Pro 

Go to the "Personal" tab. 

You will be prompted to create a Passphrase the first time you access the 'Personal" tab.

Important: IT does not have a way to recover your Passphrase. Please, make sure you create a Passphrase that you will remember. 

(1) Create and confirm your Passphrase.

(2) Click on the "Save" button. 

Personal tab to create the passphrase

(1) Click on the "Personal" link. 

(2) Click on the "Web Accounts" link.

(3) Click on the "Add Accounts" button. 

Password Manager Pro personal tab to start adding accounts

The Add Web Account window will open.

(1) Start adding all the information requested under the "Edit Web Account" section. You do not have to put in any tags, but the rest of the fields are required. 

(2) Click on the "Save" button. 

Adding the web account information window

Repeat the above process to keep adding accounts. 

Please Note: You will need to edit your passwords each time you change or reset the passwords for the accounts you have saved on the Password Manager Pro website.
Unfortunately, this process needs to be done manually since the Password Manager Pro will not update those passwords automatically.

Add account button to keep adding accounts



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Installing the Password Manager Pro Extension 

Log in to Password Manager Pro

(1) Click on the "People" icon located in the top right corner of the screen. 

(2) Click on the "Browser Extension" link.

 Browser Extension link

Next, click on the "Add to Chrome" button. 

Add to chrome button

Select the "Add extension" button on the pop-up message. 

Add extension pop up message

You will know the extension has been installed properly once you see the following message. 

Password Manager Pro has been added to Chrome

Pin the extension to the Chrome browser bar for easy access. 

(1) Open the Extensions by clicking the puzzle icon located in the top right corner of the browser.

(2) A dropdown menu will appear, showing all the extensions; click the pushpin icon next to the Password Manager Pro so that the icon turns blue.

 Pin extension in the chrome browser

You can see the extension has been added to the Chrome browser. 

Manager Pro Extension added in chrome


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Auto Logon with the Password Manager Pro Browser Extension 

You can use the "Auto Logon" feature by logging into the Password Manager Pro browser extension.

Click on the Password Manager Pro extension.

You will be prompted to add the "Host Name" and "Port" only the 1st time you log into the extension. 

Host name and port screenshot

(1) Enter lee-pwdman-1 on the Host Name box.

(2) Enter 7272 on the Port box. 

(3) Click on the "Save" button. 

Entering the Host name and the port

(1) Enter your MyFSW username.  

(2) Enter your MyFSW password.

(3) Click on the "Log In" button. 

Loging in to the Password Manager Pro extension

(1) Click on the "People" icon located in the top right corner. 

(2) Enter the Passphrase that you previously created.

(3) Click on the "Submit" button. 

Enter your passphrase

 A list of the Web Accounts that you have saved will display.

(1) Hover your cursor over the Service Name that you would like to auto log on.

(2) Click on the "Auto Logon" icon.

Auto Logon using the extension

Please Note: You will need to be logged into the Password Manager Pro extension in order to use the '"Auto Logon" feature, and all the Web Accounts will need to be saved first on the Password Manager Pro webpage. 


Table of Contents


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