How To: Use the Schedule Search Tool

Schedule Search

Use the Schedule Search to browse the available courses during a specific semester.

Narrow your search results by selecting options in the Filters to find the courses that satisfy your degree requirements.

Please note that you can't register for courses using the Schedule Search tool.

Instead, please visit the How To: Add/Drop Classes to learn how to register for courses. 


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Access the New Schedule Search ToolUse the Filters to Narrow the Search

Access the New Schedule Search Tool 

You can find the New Schedule Search  tool through the student profile in the FSW portal or on the current student's page on the  FSW homepage under "Helpful Academic links."

You can also visit the New Schedule Search link. 

Student profile in the FSW portal.

1) Log in to the Portal and click on the "Student Academics" tab.

2) Next, click on the student Profile link.

Student Academics Tab in Portal

Under Additional Links, click on the "Schedule Search" link.

Additional links

Current Students link on the FSW Homepage 

Go to the FSW Homepage and click on the "Current Students" link. 

FSW Homepage

Next, scroll down and find the "Helpful Academic Links" section. Click on the "Schedule Search" link. 

Helpful Academic Links


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Use the Filters to Narrow the Search 

Visit the New Schedule Search link to access the tool.

1) Select the Term.

2) Part of a Term (Full Term, Mini-A, or Mini-B).

3) Select the preferred Attendance Option.

Term and

4) Select the preferred Delivery Method. 

Visit the Making Sense of FSW's Delivery Methods to learn more about the different delivery methods. 

Delivery Method

5) Select the preferred Meeting Day.

6) Select the preferred Campus location.

Meeting Day and Campus

7) Select the subject from the drop-down menu or type the subject. 

Select the subject

Typing the subject

You can also search by typing a course number (8), selecting yes or no for an honors course (9), selecting an instructor (10), or typing a course CRN number (11). 

12) Select the "Search" button at the end. 

course number, honors, instructor, and CRN fields


Table of Contents



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