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Drop-In Tutoring Via ZoomDrop-In Tabletop TutoringDrop-Off Tutoring Via Email (FSW Writing Center)Appointment-Based Tutoring (FSW Peer Tutoring



Drop-In Tutoring Via Zoom

Drop-in virtual tutoring is available through the FSW Writing/Speech Center and FSW Math Center.



To access our drop-in virtual tutoring services, visit the FSW Academic Support home page and scroll down until you see the header labeled, “Meet Virtually with a Tutor.”


Meet virtually with a tutor page


From here, click on the appropriate button link for the assistance you need: “Academic Support - Writing/Speech Remote” for tutoring in writing and/or speech, or “Academic Support - Math Remote” for tutoring in math.

Once you click on a button link, you will be redirected to our QLess, which is software that enables you to join our online queue.

QLess page

Fill out the necessary information to start signing in, including your name and phone number, and click “Next.”

Next button

If you are signing in to the “Academic Support - Writing/Speech Remote” queue, you will need to choose if you are dropping in for “Speech Assistance” or “Writing Assistance.”

If you are signing in to the “Academic Support - Math Remote” queue, you can skip this step.

Select Speech Assistance ot Writing Assistance

Under “Additional Information,” write out your student ID number, your FSW email address, the course you are stopping by for help with, and the type: either “On Campus” or “Remote.”

Then, click “Next.”

Additional Information

Once you’ve completed the sign-in process, you will begin receiving text notifications letting you know where you are in our virtual line.

As soon as a tutor is available, you will receive a message telling you to “Check your FSW email account for the link to your tutoring session.”

Check your FSW email account message

Next, open your FSW email, click on the Zoom link in the email from your tutor, and click “Open Zoom Meetings” when prompted to join your tutor’s Zoom room and begin the tutoring consultation.


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Drop-In Tabletop Tutoring

Drop-in tabletop tutoring is available through the FSW Writing/Speech Center and FSW Math Center.

To receive tabletop tutoring, visit one of our physical locations during our open hours and follow the same steps to join our virtual queue through QLess as described in Drop-In Virtual Tutoring Via Zoom.

Please Note: Locations and hours are available on center-specific webpages; here are links to the pages for the FSW Math Center and the FSW Writing/Speech Center.


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Drop-Off Tutoring Via Email (FSW Writing Center)

Drop-off tutoring is available through the FSW Writing Center; students can submit their essays via email for review by an FSW Writing Center tutor, and within 48-72 hours, they will receive an email with advice for revision provided in the comments throughout the attached document.

To submit your essay for a drop-off tutoring session, send an email to with your essay attached in a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format. Along with your essay, please include the following information in your email to

  • Your professor’s instructions for the assignment
  • Your name
  • Your student ID
  • The course
  • The primary concerns you would like to be addressed (citations, thesis, grammar, etc.)


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Appointment-Based Tutoring (FSW Peer Tutoring Center)

Appointment-based tutoring is available for select subject areas through the FSW Peer Tutoring Center.

To schedule an appointment with a peer tutor, visit our Peer Tutoring Center website and scroll down until you see the QR Code.

QR code for Peer tutoring center website

Click or scan the QR code to schedule an appointment through TutorTrac. You will then be prompted to log in with your FSW Portal credentials.

Then, click “Search Availability.”

Search availability on tutor trac

This will redirect you to a screen where you can begin searching for available appointment blocks. From the “Center” drop-down menu, choose “Peer Tutoring Appointment Center.”

Peer Tutoring Appointment Center selection from the center drop down menu

Under “Section,” choose the course you would like to receive tutoring in.

Course selection to receive tutoring

Next, choose the “Location.”

Please Note: Let’s say you are a student on the Lee Campus and would like to schedule a Zoom appointment. You could choose “Lee Q-222 or Remote” or “Remote Only,” but you could actually choose the other options as well – “Collier J-204 or Remote” or “Charlotte B-101 or Remote.”
That’s because even tutors who are working from the Collier or Charlotte campuses can work with you via Zoom.
If you are not seeing any available appointments after conducting your search, try choosing the other locations. Any option will allow you to work remotely via Zoom with a tutor.

Drop down menu to choose a Location

Choose the range of dates and times that you’d be available for an appointment.

Please Note: If you’re not seeing any available appointments within your preferred timeframe after your initial search, consider expanding the range of dates and times to see all possible appointment blocks and make necessary arrangements.

Finally, choose the specific days you are available to meet with your tutor, and then click “Search.”

Option to choose the range of dates and times that you’d be available for an appointment.

You’ll then see all available appointments during the dates, times, and days you limited your search to. Click on the time you would like to schedule.

Available appointments during the dates, times, and days you limited your search to

A window will appear with your “Appointment Entry” information. (You can include a note for your tutor if you would like.)

Click the Save button to schedule and confirm your appointment.

Appointment Entry information window

Now you can see your upcoming appointments when you sign in through TutorTrac. You can reach TutorTrac by clicking the QR code on the  Academic Support Peer Tutoring Center

When you sign in through TutorTrac at the scheduled time of your appointment, a clickable link will appear that will take you directly to your tutor’s Zoom meeting room.


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Finally, students at FSW also have the option of receiving 24/7 online tutoring through

To connect with a subject expert tutor through, login to Canvas, navigate to your course, and click on the “ 24/7 Homework Help” tab located in the menu on the left side of the screen. link on the left navigation menu in Canvas

This will automatically link you to your account through FSW. You have four hours allotted to you in each semester, so make the most of them by having your assignment/questions ready ahead of time to share with your tutor.

For more information about our services, please visit College Tutoring Services.


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