How To: Enable Text to Speech in a Proctorio Exam

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Making adjustments to quiz settings to allow for required accommodations such as additional attempts or extra time should be done after receiving a Letter of Accommodation from the Office of ADAptive Services. Usually, the accommodation is for additional time on quizzes, but can also include other accommodations such as reading software. Kurzweil 3000 Read the Web is a text-to-speech browser extension that can read aloud on-screen text and for a student to use this an adjustment is needed within the Proctorio settings. To allow reading software or text-to-speech within a Proctorio quiz or exam follow the steps below. Note: The most common reading software would be a traditional Screen Reader such as VoiceOver, JAWS, Microsoft Narrator, and NVDA. These screen readers are natively supported by Proctorio without adjustment.

  1. Log-in to Canvas
  2. Select the section the referenced student attends
  3. Within that section navigate to the Quizzes section:
    Canvas dashboard menu to selected course with the Quizzes option highlighted for selection
  4. Locate and select the first Remotely Proctored quiz which needs adjusting. Please note every quiz/exam the student with accommodations will be taking will need adjustment.
  5. Within the quiz select the "Edit" button.
    Quiz 1 (Remotely Proctored) Edit button highlighted.
  6. Wait a moment for the "Proctorio Settings" tab to load above the Quiz title and then select the "Proctorio Settings" tab.
    Proctorio Settings tab highlighted above the title of the quiz in the edit mode.
  7. Under "Proctorio Exam Settings" and then "Lock Down Options" select the full screen option "Moderate (15s)"
    Proctorio Full Screen setting of Moderate 15 seconds highlighted.
  8. After selecting "Moderate (15s)" select the "Full Screen Off" option to allow browser-based Chrome Extensions for text-to-speech like Kurzweil 3000 Read The Web.
    Proctorio Setting Full Screen Off highlighted.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the "Save" button.


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Applies to Canvas and Proctorio Enabled Quizzes.