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Florida SouthWestern State College has implemented an additional layer of security for our email system through Office 365. Using this quick and easy process to encrypt your emails before sending them to outside email addresses will provide you with an extra tool to ensure information is secured.

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Sending Encrypted Emails Using FSW SecureOpening an FSW Secure Encrypted Email


Sending Encrypted Emails Using FSW Secure

If you are sending an email to an outside email address you can now utilize built-in encryption by adding FSW Secure to the subject line or anywhere within the body of an email. This will encrypt the message and require the user to un-encrypt it upon receiving it. This will eliminate any possible man-in-the-middle attacks.

To encrypt the email before sending it, take the following steps:

  • Type FSW Secure into the Subject line or
  • Type FSW Secure anywhere within the body of the email
  • Fill out the rest of the email with the information you want and click send

example of using FSW Secure within the subject line or body of email


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Opening an FSW Secure Encrypted Email

If you receive an encrypted email message from someone who utilized the FSW Secure process, you will receive an email like the below image.

Please keep in mind the images displayed below are for Gmail. Your options may appear different if you are using a different email service, but will work similarly.

To view the message, take the following steps:

  • Click the Read the message button

Example of receiving an FSW Secure email

  • You will be prompted to Sign in 

Example of having to sign in to email account to view FSW Secure message

  • After signing in, you will be able to view the message

Example of what recipient will see when opening the encrypted email


Table of Contents


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