Sound Recording Best Practices


Outlining or storyboarding ideas helps ensure an organized finished audio recording. After creating the outline, then create a script. Though producing a text is tedious, it will provide the audio narration to come out great (no missed lines, fewer "ahs," and "uhs," and fewer blank stares). Google Slides and Microsoft Office PowerPoint are a great starting point for both the outline and scripting process (they are also free for FSW students and faculty to use!). For instance, each slide can list brief talking points (outline), and what is said can be placed in the speaker notes section for each slide (script). There are advantages to both tools:

  • Google Slides provides a tool that will "type" the speech in the speaker notes section from a microphone or webcam, so more time can be spent getting thoughts out and then editing text after.
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint can export Presentations to a video file which can be uploaded to Canvas, YouTube, Kaltura, and other video hosting platforms.
  • Both products offer beautiful templates and easy controls for editing.
  • Choose a room that is quiet and try to always record in the same place.
  • Put a sign on the door, so people know there is a recording in process.
  • Turn off the Air Conditioner and Fan and avoid making too much movement.
    • These make deafening ambient noises in the background.
  • Put the microphone away from your computer.
    • You can encounter fan noise or possible feedback.
  • Keep the microphone approximately 4 inches away from your mouth, either below or to the side of your mouth.
    • Too close and it will be muffled, too far away, and the volume will be too low
  • Wait for approximately 30 seconds after initiating recording to begin speaking.
    • This process will create a way to capture the noise print of the room and reduce background noise.
 Note: If you only want to record audio, use software that can record audio separately from the video. A video file will be created if you record audio and your screen/webcam.


Free Recording Software


QuickTime (Mac Only)

GarageBand (Mac and iOS Only)

Kaltura Capture



Premium Recording Software

Adobe Audition

Apple Logic Pro (Mac Only)



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