MyFSW Overview


Watch the video provided below or review the guide to gain a comprehensive understanding of the new key features of MyFSW.



You can go to MyFSW, or you can access MyFSW by clicking on "MyFSW" on the FSW home page

Once logged in, the home area is where you will find various cards representing different services and information.

Simply click on a card, or links within a card, to access its content.

MyFSW home page area

You'll notice that some cards have a lock icon in the top right corner. These cards are locked onto your homepage and contain critical information or services.

Locked icon on cards

Other cards are bookmarked by default. These are cards FSW thinks you might find useful. If you'd rather not see these cards, you can unbookmark them to remove them from your home area.

Bookmark icon on card

Looking for more? 

Navigate to '"Discover More" at the bottom of the page. 

Discover More

Or click on the hamburger icon in the top left and then on the "Discover" link.

hamburger icon

Discover Link

Here, you can find more cards to add to your home area.

Discover home area

Simply click the bookmark icon in the top right of a card and a notification will confirm the card was added.


Please note: For cards related to Microsoft and Google email and cloud storage, you'll need to log in to display the information.


Keep an eye on the top right of your screen for notifications. They'll alert you about any holds, newly added cards, and other important updates from the FSW College.

notifications icon

You can also visit your profile to view and confirm your information on file with the college.

Profile icon




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