How To: Locate Your CTLE Training Record in Canvas Catalog


This article provides step-by-step procedures for accessing your training record, certificates and course materials in Canvas Catalog.


CTLE Workshop Management

In January 2022 the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) transitioned to a new platform, Canvas Catalog, to manage CTLE workshops. This guide describes the steps to locate your CTLE Training Record in Canvas Catalog. 

A copy of your training record prior to January 2022 can be obtained by submitting the form to Request Record of Completed Training.


Steps to Access Your Training Record in Canvas Catalog

Navigate to the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence website at The Training Calendar and Training Report links are located in the website navigation menu. 

You can access the Training Calendar and Report from the TLC Website at


The Training Calendar lists upcoming workshops.

1. To access the Training Report from this page click on your name and then "Student Dashboard" in the drop-down menu.

Your training record can be accessed by selecting student dashboard in the drop-down menu on the TLC Listings page.


The Student Dashboard is where you can see your upcoming workshops (In Progress tab), your completed workshops, and workshops you enrolled in but did not complete. 

2. Select the "Completed" tab.

3. You can view or download the certificate of completion by locating the link underneath the workshop description.

4. Revisit the associated Canvas course by clicking Review Course. You can still access the course this way even if it is not visible on your Canvas dashboard.

5. Download a PDF Transcript of your complete training record.

Screenshot of the Student Dashboard that identifies what information is available.


The PDF Transcript includes a record of all In Progress, Completed and Not Completed workshops. 

Example of the Learner Transcript in pdf format that shows a list of completed workshops.

If you need assistance accessing your account in Canvas Catalog please submit a Helpdesk Ticket. If you need assistance or have other questions about CTLE workshops please contact the CTLE Associate Dean or Administrative Coordinator.



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Please use this form to request a transcript of completed TLC training workshops prior to February 28, 2022. This form is also used for past completed facilitated sessions through the TLC.