How To: Submit a Project Request Form

1. Submit Request 

Click on (1) Submit Request button for the service you selected.

Image with submit request button outlined


2. Complete the required form fields 

Complete the required form fields (1) indicated by an asterisk and click the Save button (2) at the top of the form page.

Image showing the option to request online course textbook update

At this stage you can leave the form and return at a later time. The form is saved, but not submitted.

4. Project request menu

Visit each item in the project request menu (1) listed below.

  • General - Update if needed, click Mark Complete button (2).
  • Strategic Goals - nothing required, click Mark Complete button (2).
  • Attachments - attach additional documentation if desired or click Mark Complete button (2).
  • Risk Register - nothing required.

Image showing diferent options like general, strategic goals, attachments, risks register and the mark complete button outlined

When marked complete, items will now have a green checkmark.

5. Review and Submit 

Click the Review and Submit link (1).

Image showing the review and submit button outlined

6. Submit 

If the information is correct you can submit the request. Click the Submit button (1).

No further editing will be allowed.

Image showing the submit button outlined

7. Confirmation of your submission

You will receive a confirmation of your submission.

Image showing the confirmation that the request was submitted successfully


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