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The FSW Follett Access program is offered through the FSW Bookstore and is designed to give you access to your required course material on the first day of class at the lowest available price so you are prepared to succeed. If these are digital items, they will be provided to you via email or directly in their course in Canvas and the charge for all material is placed on your student account when you register for classes. With the Access Program, you will be prepared for their first day of classes, and this is the most convenient and affordable way to get all needed homework access codes and textbooks.

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Access Your BryteWave Shelf In CanvasAccess Your BryteWave Shelf DirectlyMyLab and Mastering (Pearson)McGraw Hill Connect

Access Your BryteWave Shelf In Canvas

  • Log in to your Canvas Course.
  • Demo of Canvas Course Dashboard
  • Click on the Redshelf/BryteWave link that has been placed within the course.
  • shows the modules active area of the canvas course with link to BryteWave Course Materials
  • It will take you to your BryteWave Bookshelf.
  • Here you will find the preloaded material on your shelf already (if it is after the date that Follett has released and processed those orders.)
  • Example of BryteWave's My Shelf
  • Click the button labeled "Start Reading."

Support Materials

BryteWave Knowledge Base: Student Support


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Access Your BryteWave Shelf Directly

Via Email Invite

  • Follett will send an email to all students with an access link to the BryteWave shelf.  
  • BryteWave (RedShelf) account will be created using the student’s Preferred/academic email address provided to Follett. 
  • An email will be sent to the student with a link to their shelf. The student should follow that link. 
  • This link will take the student to that BryteWave shelf account to log into and find the preloaded material on their Shelf.

Via BryteWave (RedShelf) Website

Students can also use the login URL for BryteWave, which is located at Brytewave eReader.

Forgot your password or didn’t receive your password? 

Support Materials

BryteWave Knowledge Base: Student Support


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MyLab and Mastering (Pearson)

  • Log in to your Canvas Course.
  • Demo of Canvas Course Dashboard
  • Select any of the MyLab and Mastering (Pearson) links included in your Canvas Course content.
  • showing the location of the My Lab and Mastering link within a Canvas course module
  • IMPORTANT: The first time you click on the MyLab and Mastering course link, you will need to review and accept the Pearson "End User License Agreement" and "Privacy Policy."

Support Materials

To make sure you can use all the website’s features, follow the steps in the articles below.


Knowledge Base

ACCESS Pearson Materials: Canvas


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McGraw Hill Connect

  • Log in to your Canvas Course.
  • Demo of Canvas Course Dashboard
  • Under the Home menu, choose McGraw Hill Connect 
  • showing the location of the McGraw Hill Connect link in a Canvas course navigational menu.
  • Then follow the "Begin" Link.
  • Then register for the course.
    • It should be codeless and no payment required in Connect.
  • Your Assignments will be visible in your Connect Dashboard. 

NOTE: You may see assignment links later in Canvas Modules, depending on how the professor set up their course.


Support Materials

Student Resources

Chat Support

Video: Connect Canvas Deep Integration

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