Kaltura Video Quiz Troubleshooting

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Use Chrome

If you're not already using the most recent version of Google Chrome, download and install it now.

Google Chrome Download Instructions


Allow Third Party Cookies

To configure your browser to allow third-party cookies, please follow the instructions for your chosen browser. 

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



Quiz Question Not Appearing Solutions

  • Remember that you must watch the full Module video
  • Partial completion does not allow for the quiz question to appear, and you MUST ONLY have the online orientation tab active
  • Close all other applications and instant chat programs completely

Example of an incorrect setup

Example of the correct setup


Try Incognito Mode

Try using Incognito mode of Chrome to turn off all chrome extensions (Grammarly, AD Blocker, etc…) and then view/take the Kaltura Module video quiz.

To launch an incognito Chrome tab of the browser, press the following keyboard shortcut while Chrome is the active window (Ctrl + Shift + N)
Alternatively, click the three vertical dots (kabob icon) in the top right of the Chrome browser, then highlight and click the New incognito window. 

Google Guide to Private Browsing


Answering Questions and Submitting Responses to Canvas

When it is time to answer the question, click on the correct answer. Then click the Select option that appears.


You will see the Completed message and will need to click Submit to send your score to Canvas.


You will see the following confirmation screen upon submitting your score to Canvas.



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